Sunday, January 18, 2015

White Walkers!

White Walkers. Yes,It is one of my whatsapp group . As Name says Walkers , We use to walk every day , not  just for walking but for communicating with each other . This group have only 4 members in it viz Me(Pramod), Deep ,Mohit and Vikas . Each one of us have difference in many terms . But we made one common hobby of walking .

Let me introduce each of them . Deep is active BSc Grad and completing MSc now. Vikas is inactive BSc Grad and each time we need to call him for walk . Mohit is moody sometimes active and inactive BE Grad . I am always active , Even if you tell me Lets go for walk in the middle of night , I will reply you "Lets Go".   I completed my engineering and in that Four year ,I didn't learnt a lot about life .But A three months in chennai away From Home(Suburbs of Mumbai ),I learnt a lot about life , how to be happy and have peace of mind instead worries we carry each day.

Only thing I observed after coming back from chennai that No Longer White Walkers come to walk.They give up.I tried to each of them . But They were busy in their life and have no time to walk.
Today I went to walk alone.I went far away from my zone .I thought Lets meet  an old friends who stay in another zone of my city.I walked and reached nearby the zone entry. I called Amey and found he is out of City .After that I took Aakash Number from Amey and called Aakash.After 8-10 calls and reaching at his home.He picked up the call and i found out that he is also out of the city.

So one question arise in my mind, Is my city not good enough ? or This city people changed within three months of span ? I know the answers . I know nothing is wrong with my city and it's developing . The only changed is my Friend's Priorities . I am happy that i don't belongs to that change . Sometimes all changes are good but not always .

I do miss that White Walkers! team. But I will try my level best to bring them back to normal.
Thanks for Reading. HELP ME TO IMPROVE MY ENGLISH , Comment the Grammatically mistake in above Post. Thanks.

My point in this post is don't give up on your hobby even your friends gave up . Instead of that , Convince your friend to come up and enjoy a healthy hobby.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Live in the present , or die in your past,it's your choice.

Let's Start Today

Hey there,
This is my blog Hi,I'm Pramod where I'm going to work on my writing skill as it's my new year resolution.
In this world, Communication is the most important skill which every person should excel in it.
I realized this too late but Don't worry I'm quick learner.So I don't know why you're reading this But if you're reading this blog then I can guarantee you that I'm not going to waste your time and I will make sure each of my post will make you  more smarter and intelligent than you were before reading that post.
Plus I want to tell you that don't take my word seriously Because I have Freedom of Speech so neither I will write what you want to read nor something which someone else will tell me to publish .
I am a selfish person who will write whatever I want.I know that using word 'I' itself show that the person is selfish Still i want to know who I am ? Because I'm done with being FAKE.
I'm here to express my thought .Maybe I weak . But one day I will  become Strong .
why just PRAMOD ? why not full name ? Because I don't want people in real world should love or hate me over my writing. Even i didn't decide yet what I'm going to write Still I'm starting today as someone said "Do not give up ...  the beginning is always the hardest ."
I wasted lot of time just to learn how to MOVE ON ... still I didn't able to MOVE ON ...
But One day will come in life where people will tell me to don't move on and I will . I learnt a lot in this small span of life . I lost lot of people whom my heart loved but my brain didn't able to keep them in life.
Somewhere My heart is still  broken and i know i can fix it But i didn't fix it yet.
I Procrastinate everything and here I am.
Today I can't take my Full Name because of past deeds But one day will come and everyone will take my name for my good deeds . Its not that i didn't commit good deeds till date .its just that i didn't commit for my happiness.
I love to say "THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF LIFE" to those people whom I lost while reaching this stage of life.
why I am here ? Because I want to become an open book to everyone So that They can understand my each action .
I dreamt a lot but I did nothing yet Because I'm stuck between "BUT" and "BECAUSE".
I know I have lot of fault in me But i can't die without leaving something Great for my people.That's Set for INTRO ... :)
PS: Pramod is my name